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1. "Do papermakers destroy forests ?"

'Forests in Europe have grown by over 30% since 1950. Annual growth is the equivalent of 1.5 million football pitches, or an area 4 times the size of London.’
Source UNECE, FAO / CEPI Forest Fact Sheet 2008

Source MCPFE Europe’s Forest’s 2007

'90% of global deforestation is caused by unsustainable agricultural practices.'
Source Underlying causes of deforestation, World Rainforest Movement UN FAO

'94% of European paper consumption is manufactured in Europe.'
Source CEPI trade statistics 2007

'Forestry practice in Europe is developing in a way that can be considered good for biodiversity.'
Source European Environment Agency 2005

Paper is produced using wood from responsibly managed forests.


2. "Does my paper consume a lot of energy ?"

European consumption of paper is an average of 200kgs for each of us and it takes 500 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity to produce this. This is the equivalent electricity to :-
 - power a computer for 5 months.
 - burn a 60w light bulb for one year.
 - a single household leaving electronic equipment on standby for one year.

'52% of the energy consumed by European papermakers is biomass based (wood + pulp waste incineration) and the sector is responsible for 27% of the total biomass based energy produced in the EU.
Source CEPI Statistics 2010

Wood grown for biomass energy use is responsibly managed to ensure continuing future supplies.

The more renewable biomass energy we use the more we preserve precious fossil fuels for future generations.

The paper industry does consume large quantities of energy – but not as much as you would think – and the majority of the energy is produced from a totally renewable source.


3. "Does papermaking have a high carbon footprint ?"

The average European consumption of paper is 200kgs for each of us and this creates between 130-250kgs of CO2 depending on the source of energy. This is equivalent to running a family car over a distance of 600 miles.

Since 1990 the pulp and paper industry has reduced emissions of CO2, per tonne of paper produced, by 42%.

In a life cycle CO2 analysis comparison of a printed versus digital publication it was identified that the digital edition had a total of 0.91kgs CO2 per reader per annum – the printed edition totalled 0.80kgs on the same scale.

0.80kgs CO2 is the equivalent to running a family car over a distance of 2.5 miles.

Source Innventia (Sweden) case study 2010


4. "Are paper and print bad for the environment ?"

Paper is made from either responsibly managed forestry resources or from recycled fibres.

Paper when printed is able to be 100% recycled. (Some papers such as hygiene products and wall coverings are not always able to be recovered and recycled)

CO2 emissions in the paper industry have been virtually halved in the last 20 years.

Over half of the energy consumed by the European paper industry is from forests managed to ensure continuing future supplies.
In contrast :-
 - electronic waste is the fastest growing municipal waste stream.
 - globally, up to 50 million tonnes of electronic products are now discarded every year.
 - in Europe e-waste is growing at 3-5% a year, three times faster than the total waste figure.
 - paperless electronic digital publications can produce more CO2 than printed editions in a total life cycle analysis.

It is our opinion that the European paper and print industry is not a threat to the environment as our forests are certified and/or protected, the key raw material resources are responsibly managed, industrial emissions have improved under strict controls, the end products are 100% recyclable and by comparison to other forms of media communications our carbon footprint is highly competitive.


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